August 23, 2023 // 5:00 pm CEST // 90 min

Exploring Future Directions in Vascular Medicine at ESVM 2023

Together with the presidents of the ESVM, Professor Mazzolai and Professor Madaric, we are pleased to provide a preview into the exciting program of the ESVM 2023 within this MOH Talk. The ESVM 2023 is the place where vascular/angiology physicians and researchers get together to share their knowledge and experience, construct collaborations and exchanges. Be part of the preview session where selected venous/lymphatics and arteries opinion leaders will give a preview of what to expect at ESVM!

ESVM 2023 is the place where vascular/angiology physicians and researchers get together to share their knowledge and experience, construct collaborations and exchanges. The pre ESVM session touched a lot of topics, such as:

  • Nutrition plays a key role in vascular patients and that Mediterranean diet is a way to go.
  • Lipedema and lymphedema are underdiagnosed und underestimated diseases, on top being two different and independent diseases. There’ s a long way to get the appropriate diagnoses, however we have some promising tools that we can elaborate on.
  • Vascular malformations are frequent, diagnosis need to be well done using proper classification. Unfortunately, there is no gold standard in treatment but a panel of intervention and pharmacological treatments for these patients.
  • Fitness level of PAD patients is very low, the choice of interventional treatment becomes crucial. Endovascular treatment is becoming the first choice in many of these patients.
  • In the management of asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis, past medical treatment has improved, but not everybody is able or following it.  With the interventional treatments we can still improve these patients.
  • PAD is highly prevalent, still not too often diagnosed, we have to make an effort in order to achieve the best medical treatment and to prevent cardiovascular events in these patients with an appropriate diagnosis and treatment afterwards.

These topics will be discussed in more depth in Milan, 12-14 October 2023, furthermore you can expect:

A focus on carotid arteries, diabetes microcirculation, venous diseases, basic science and peripheral arterial diseases. Keynote speakers talk about vascular disease in gender and sex. Congress day 2 starts with an expert’s breakfast where unmet needs in PAD are discussed, lymphatics, lymphedema, lipedema are also in focus. Best abstract communication is held during the free communication sessions, furthermore cardiovascular risk in vascular patients as well as antithrombotics in vascular diseases and venous thromboembolism are discussed. On top, 2 sessions on rare vascular diseases and malformations are organized by the young vascular physicians.

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Presentation ESVM and preview of scientific program

Prof Lucia Mazzolai

Prof Lucia Mazzolai, CH

Professor and Director, Heart and Vessel Department; Head of Angiology department; Lausanne University Hospital, CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland. President of ESVM.




Lipedema or lymphedema?

Dr G. Buso

Dr G. Buso, IT

Senior Physician, Internal Medicine Division, University Hospital of Brescia (Italy)
FMH-certified Angiologist (Switzerland).




Nutrition and vascular diseases: is there room for improvement?

Dr G. Buso

Prof C. Heiss, UK

Professor and Honorary Consultant Interventional Cardiovascular Medicine. University of Surrey




Venous malformations: treatment approach in 2023

Dr Fresa

Dr Fresa, CH

Senior Physician, Angiology department, Lausanne University Hospital, CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland


Speakers (arteries part)

Interventional treatment of peripheral artery disease

Prof Brodmann

Prof Marianne Brodmann, AT

Professor and Director, Cardiovascular and Peripheral Vascular Research; Associate Professor.




Intervention or best medical therapy for asymptomatic carotid artery stenosis?

Dr Madaric

Prof J. Madaric, SK

Head of Dept. of Cardiology and Angiology, National Institute of Cardiovascular Disease



Cardiovascular risk factors and peripheral artery disease: are we doing the right thing?

Dr Belch

Prof J. Belch, UK

Clinical Professor (Teaching and Research)
Molecular and Clinical Medicine, School of Medicine



Julia Brunner
Julia Brunner, CH

Medical Affairs Manager SIGVARIS GROUP

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