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It is our commitment to supporting and collaborating with the global and regional medical communities offering the go-to platform for online events and education in the field of lymphatic and venous disorders.​ Therefore, we bring in a top-level network of key opinions leaders (KOLs) and relevant, state-of-the-art topics and empower the knowledge exchange between physicians, medical experts and specialists.

Our mission (interview)

MOH in the exclusive interview between Dr. Mahmoud Elghadban from SIGVARIS GROUP and Prof. Mohamed Omar Elfarok, founder from Vascular Online Training. The platforms share the same objectives of making education about veno-lymphatic diseases accessible to the medical community and fostering the international exchange about the latest scientific findings in this field.

What do you get?

After two years and over 50 successful webinars in five languages and high-profile and world-renowned speakers, we want to expand our offerings and create a platform for physicians and scientists from a wide variety of specialties such as phlebology, vascular surgery, lymphedema therapy, Ob/gyna and more to spread knowledge and ultimately help patients with lymphedema or lipedema disorders.

With different digital formats we deliberately want to bring together many people who can share their expertise but also their practical knowledge to educate and enlighten others about these indications. The Medical Online Hub is designed to help the entire medical community get first-hand insights and better understand the indications. For example, GPs should learn more about lymphedema, lipedema, blood clots, venous disorders, and compression therapy to help your patients directly and faster.

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Thank you 2022!

The year 2022 was an exciting and consuming year, but also a very fruitful one for MOH.
We thank all the KOLs, speakers, panelists, moderators and of course our growing community for making this all possible.

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