Teamwork that keeps patients safe

Teamwork that keeps patients safe

Our healthcare partners are as dedicated as we are to helping to shape the future of successful venous solutions for them and for their patients.

We embrace collaboration and teamwork to increase awareness by creating educational international webinars. This helps to improve the quality of patient care.

We support our venous community with easy access to a top-level network of key opinion leaders (KOLs) and to state of the art topics by partnering with the experts in the field to target the most pressing health challenges in the field of lymphatic and venous disorders.

Connect with us to get involved in global educational events and share your experiences as an innovator in the medical education journey of enhancing people’s lives.

Through sharing what we learn and collaborating with others, we aim to make a difference, contribute to patients’ treatment and care, and globally bridge the knowledge gaps that exist in the management of lymphatic and venous disorders.

Our exclusive partners

ABC Vascular Ultrasound

ABC Vascular Ultrasound is an accredited e-learning platform created to support healthcare professionals in mastering vascular ultrasound through the use of an interactive learning based on commented video lectures, e-books, and real life cases.

ABC Vascular Ultrasound was conceived by a team of cardiovascular physicians and vascular sonographers with the ambition to help healthcare professionals in their journey in learning vascular ultrasound at their own pace, from anywhere with all the information available in one place.

ABC master courses cover the fundamentals of vascular ultrasound,  the main diagnostic criteria used for detection of diseases affecting the vascular system as well as a variety of real life clinical cases.

To celebrate our new collaboration, ABC Vascular has agreed to give a 30% discount for members of the MOH community interested in their courses. Visit, choose your course and use this coupon code: MOHABC30 on the check-out page to receive the 30% discount. Only available till mid of December 2022!


Commonwealth Woundcare Resources Alliance (CWRA)

Commonwealth Woundcare Resource Alliance


The Commonwealth Wound Care Resource Alliance (CWCRA) is a global family of clinicians, scientists and academics committed to producing original work that contributes towards research, education, and evidence in the identification, prevention, and management of wounds.

CWCRA’s aim is to establish a commonwealth collaborative of persons with an interest in sharing and encouraging rigorous research and evidence in identification, prevention, and management to improve clinical practice and patient outcomes.

Together with CWCRA, MOH – Medical Online Hub promotes and facilitates education in wound assessment and management through webinars and conferences with best practice initiatives that can be used throughout the Commonwealth nations.


German society of phlebology (DGP)


The German Society for Phlebology (DGP) bundles knowledge. They incorporates this knowledge into guidelines to guarantee high professional quality and form a gold standard for diagnosis and therapy. For this purpose, they cooperate with the AWMF in the preparation of the guidelines.

Within the DGP, academic work with the professional society is actively done in working groups. Through their meetings, discussions, and lively exchanges, the experts help young physicians to benefit from the wealth of experience available and to engage in professional discussions. The working groups also help to shape the DGP's annual conferences. Every year, the focus is on professional exchange.


Egyptian Venous Forum (Egyptian VF)


The forum was founded by 20 senior vascular surgeons in a meeting held in Alexandria, Egypt, in November 2006. The group aimed to improve understanding of venous diseases regarding their pathology and management, sharing ideas and knowledge with different specialty areas (heamatology, chest, radiology, clinical pathology, dermatology, and others) on evidence-based discussions and background, transmit data to junior phelebology fellows and conduct activities to the community.

The EVF wants to globalize phlebotomy by updating and better understanding of phelebology, sharing ideas and knowledge with different specialties on evidence-based discussions and background, transmit data to junior fellows and conduct activities to the community.


European Vascular Course (EVC)

The scientific program of the EVC 2022 organizes a full onsite event and offers more than 300 workshops on a wide spectrum of clinical and scientific cardiovascular subjects, including surgical anatomy, diagnostics, decision-making, simulation, open and endovascular techniques, and team training.
Besides the state of the art lectures, many interactive sessions and case discussions allow you to actively participate in the EVC educational program.

MOH – Medical Online Hub supports professional development and innovative educational opportunities and is excited to promote EVC workshops on a wide variety of topics in the world of vascular medicine. 


Wound Masterclass

European Vascular Course

Wound Masterclass is an international wound care journal. They offer the reader opportunities to master specialised concepts in wound care that will enhance their clinical practice. Founded and run by international experts in wound care, they will also be offering free interactive wound care training.

To get full access and to be notified about new and upcoming issues, articles, events, and learning opportunities., you'll find a registration opportunity on the Wound Masterclass online platform.


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