Beyond the surface - Thrombophilia challenges & essential phlebology training

🩺 Uncover the depths of thrombophilia with our upcoming webinar, "BEYOND THE SURFACE - THROMBOPHILIA CHALLENGES & ESSENTIAL PHLEBOLOGY TRAINING." Hosted by the African Federation of Angiology & Vascular Surgery (AFAVS) under the distinguished leadership of President Emad Hussein, and in collaboration with the International Union of Angiology (IUA) through its associated society, this webinar promises to be an enlightening exploration into the intricacies of thrombophilia. 


🔍 Delve into two essential perspectives during this knowledge-packed session: "Thrombophilia – The Vascular Surgeons Perspective" and "Thrombophilia - Congenital & Acquired Types / Illustrative Cases and Needs for Training in Phlebology." Our expert speakers from Brazil, Egypt, Italy, and Portugal will share invaluable insights, experiences, and training needs, offering a truly global perspective on this critical aspect of vascular health. 


🌐 Join us under the auspices of the v-WIN Foundation for an engaging and informative discussion that goes beyond the surface, exploring the challenges posed by thrombophilia and the indispensable training required in the realm of essential phlebology. Mark your calendars and stay at the forefront of vascular care! 🌡️🌍 


Free Online MOH Talk
Feb 25, 2023 // 11:00am UTC

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Our line-up

Panelists ///

Prof Pier Luigi Antignani.png

Prof Pier Luigi Antignani, Italy (LinkedIn)
President IUA Foundation


Prof Sergio Gianesini .png

Prof Sergio Gianesini, Italy (LinkedIn)
President UIP / vWIN Foundation


Prof Pedro Komlos .png

Prof Pedro Komlos, Brazil (LinkedIn)
President IUA

Prof Armando Mansilha .png

Prof Armando Mansilha, Portugal

President Elect IUA


Speakers ///

Prof Eduardo Ramacciotti.png

Eduardo Ramacciotti, Brazil, (LinkedIn)

Thrombosis & Hemostasis Loyola Univ USA, CBO & Co-founder Science Valley Research Institute SP

Prof Hanan Hamed.png

Prof Hanan Hamed, Egypt

Clinical Hematology Ain Shams University

Prof Sergio Gianesini .png

Prof Sergio Gianesini, Italy, (LinkedIn)

President UIP / vWIN Foundation


Discussants ///

Prof Sherif Essam .png

Prof Sherif Essam, Egypt
Scientific Secretary AFAVS


Prof AbdelRahman Salem .png

Prof AbdelRahman Salem, Egypt
Vascular Surgery Ain Shams University


The moderator

Prof Emad Hussein.png

Prof Emad Hussein, Egypt
President AFAVS

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February 25, 2024 // 11:00am UTC // 90 min

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