May 6, 2023 // 2:00 pm CEST // 90 min

Comprehensive Analysis of Pelvic Congestion Syndrome: Diagnosis and Management

Global experts from United Kingdom, Germany, Turkey, Egypt and China will share insights about the pelvic congestion syndrome and take a closer look into diagnosis and treatment of PCS in Female and Male.

Take home message

  • When treating lipedema, more emphasis should be placed on reducing the pain experienced by the patient, rather than reducing the fat volume. More fat removed does not equivalate to the success of improving the life of the patient. Pain does not depend on the size of the fat volume.
  • The most important mission is to create better worldwide awareness about lipoedema. It is essential to transform the reality of the treatment. Since it is not well known by health professionals, the aim is to provide more quality knowledge and training for healthcare professionals. This is vital due to the feelings of hopelessness patients have in the situation.
  • Another aim is to democratize the access to the treatment. Institutions such as NICE have also noted on the requirement to conduct more research into this field. Many UK patients go abroad due to lack of access to the required procedures.
  • This disease should be treated comprehensively, with diet, compression, and surgery. It requires a multidisciplinary approach from a community of experts: nurses, doctors, physiotherapists, and nutritionists. With these treatments, we can significantly improve the quality of life for these individuals.
  • The ultimate goal in treatment of lipoedema patients is lessening the symptoms and reducing the pain. This can be achieved via compression, MLD and nutrition, essentially a comprehensive approach.
  • There should also be appropriate and adequate counselling regarding the nature of the disease; mental health should be equally considered as much as physical health due to the stress of patients.
  • Understanding the difference between this chronic disease and obesity can aid in this, as well as providing the patient with comfortable compression that they can feel cosmetically happy in.
  • There is hope for the patients: More technologies, more studies and more doctors dedicating their time upon this chronic disease will improve it. There will be new discoveries and new developments enabling a completely new situation for lipoedema patients.

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Pelvic congestion syndrome in male patients

Mark Whiteley

Prof. Mark Whiteley, UK

Consultant Vascular Surgeon and Consultant Phlebologist, founder of The Whiteley Clinic and The Whiteley Protocol®, the first to perform Microwave Varicose Veins Ablation in Europe, in February 2019, founder and chairman of the college of phlebology.

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Pelvic congestion syndrome in female patients

Tobias Hirsch

Dr. Tobias Hirsch, GER

Specialist for Internal Medicine and Angiology; Board Member of Professional Association of Phlebologists (BdP). He has been an invited speaker or lecturer at many international vascular conferences in Germany, Europe, the UK and the US. In 2020 he chaired the 62nd international Annual Conference of the German Society of Phlebology. He is a board member of both the German Society of Phlebology (DGP) and the Professional Association of German Phlebologists and Executive Board member of the European College of Phlebology (ECoP). 

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Suat Doganci

Prof. Suat Doğancı, TUR

Director in Vein Vascular Clinics, Ankara; Consultant for Koru Hospital in Department of Cardiovascular Surgery, Ankara; Secretary General of Turkish Society of Phlebology; Executive Board Member of the European College of Phlebology in Education and training committee chair; Scientific Committee Member at International Union of Phlebology; Turkey Councilor at European Society for Vascular Surgery; Editor for Turkish Journal of Vascular Surgery



Prof. Wang Xiang

Prof. Wang Xiang, CN

Deputy Director, Vascular Surgery Department, Shanghai East Hospital, East Hospital Affiliated to Tongji University; Standing Committee of experts on young vascular surgeon of Chinese Chapter of the International Union of Angiology; Member of the Diabetic Foot Group of the Endovascular Professional Committee of the Chinese Medical Doctor Association; Young Committee Member of Vascular Surgery Branch of Shanghai Medical Association; First batch of Shanghai young doctor training funding program (New Star of Medical College)




Omar Farouk

Dr. Mohamed Omar Elfarok, EGY

M.Sc, FRCSEng, FRCSEd, IME, Consultant Vascular and Endovascular Surgeon Royal College Of Surgeons Of England Examiner.


Sylvain Gaillard

Sylvain Gaillard, CH

Head of Corporate Medical Marketing of SIGVARIS GROUP and an experienced clinical / medical expert in pharmaceutical industry



The pelvic congestion syndrome – an overview

The pelvic congestion syndrome – an overview

This One-Pager provides an overview on the pelvic congestion syndrome concerning pathophysiology, clinical features, diagnosis and treatment options.

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