Beyond the Surface: Thrombophilia Challenges & Essential Phlebology Training

We had the privilege of hosting an enlightening talk in collaboration with the African Federation of Angiology & Vascular Surgery and the International Union of Angiology. The session, led by President Emad Hussein, delved into the crucial aspects of thrombophilia, with perspectives offered by esteemed experts from across the globe.

Take Home Messages

  • Multidisciplinary Team Importance: Emphasizes the critical role of a collaborative approach, integrating expertise from hematology, vascular surgery, immunology, and other specialties to enhance diagnosis, treatment, and patient care in thrombophilia and vascular conditions.
  • Hands-on Experience and Continuous Learning: Highlights the necessity of gaining practical, hands-on experience and participating in interdisciplinary meetings for ongoing professional development, ensuring medical professionals stay current with advancements and best practices.

  • Advancements in Anticoagulation Therapy: Discusses emerging treatments such as Factor 11 inhibitors, showcasing the evolving landscape of anticoagulation therapy that promises more effective and safer management of thrombotic disorders.

  • Comprehensive Approach to Thrombophilia: Stresses the importance of considering congenital and acquired factors, along with potential links to malignancies, in the diagnosis and management of thrombotic events, advocating for a thorough patient evaluation.

  • Early Identification and Proper Testing: Underlines the importance of early recognition of thrombotic events and the implementation of appropriate laboratory tests, including specific hematological and immunological evaluations, to guide effective treatment strategies.

  • Patient-Centric Care and Education: Emphasizes adopting a patient-centric approach that addresses both the physical and psychological aspects of vascular diseases, ensuring holistic care, and the necessity of educating patients on their conditions and treatment plans.

  • Future Directions and Research: Encourages ongoing research and exploration of new therapeutic options, such as combination therapies involving Factor 11 inhibitors, to tackle the challenges in treating thrombophilia and related vascular conditions effectively.

  • Customized Treatment Plans: Advocates for the customization of treatment plans to individual patient needs, considering their specific medical history, risk factors, and lifestyle, to optimize outcomes and enhance the quality of life.

Our line-up

Panelists ///

Prof Pier Luigi Antignani.png

Prof Pier Luigi Antignani, Italy (LinkedIn)
President IUA Foundation


Prof Sergio Gianesini .png

Prof Sergio Gianesini, Italy (LinkedIn)
President UIP / vWIN Foundation


Prof Pedro Komlos .png

Prof Pedro Komlos, Brazil (LinkedIn)
President IUA

Prof Armando Mansilha .png

Prof Armando Mansilha, Portugal

President Elect IUA


Speakers ///

Prof Eduardo Ramacciotti.png

Eduardo Ramacciotti, Brazil, (LinkedIn)

Thrombosis & Hemostasis Loyola Univ USA, CBO & Co-founder Science Valley Research Institute SP

Prof Hanan Hamed.png

Prof Hanan Hamed, Egypt

Clinical Hematology Ain Shams University

Prof Sergio Gianesini .png

Prof Sergio Gianesini, Italy, (LinkedIn)

President UIP / vWIN Foundation


Discussants ///

Prof Sherif Essam .png

Prof Sherif Essam, Egypt
Scientific Secretary AFAVS


Prof AbdelRahman Salem .png

Prof AbdelRahman Salem, Egypt
Vascular Surgery Ain Shams University


The moderator

Prof Emad Hussein.png

Prof Emad Hussein, Egypt
President AFAVS

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