August 15, 2020

Global Consensus on Compression Therapy for Chronic Venous Disease: Indications, Contraindications, and Expert Insights

Chronic venous disease (CVD) usually occurs when the veins often in the leg (although sometimes in the arms) find themselves under prolonged periods of stress regularly, which leads them to not work effectively, then blood flow start to become increasingly difficult, and pass through the vein walls or valves back to the heart. It is a medical condition that tends to worsen with age. It is made up of a variety of signs and symptoms that impact patients' quality of life, so what kind of symptoms are the most common?  

Symptoms include leg pain, discomfort, and heaviness. At the same time, the clinical signs of CVD are varicose veins (VVs), edema, skin discoloration, lipodermatosclerosis, and, in severe cases, venous ulceration. 

CVD is classified from C0 (no signs) to C6 (venous ulceration) based on the presence of clinical signs which may or may not be symptomatic but are associated with increased clinical severity. 

Sigvaris held the second Medical Online Hub to discuss the second global MOH event discussing the role of medical compression stockings in treating chronic venous disease. 

The third webinar global web seminar starts with Prof. Eberhard Rabe MD, Professor of Dermatology, discussing "Indications for medical compression stockings in chronic venous diseases," followed by Dr. Chris Lattimer -Honorary Consultant Surgeon and Senior Lecturer- bringing up the topic of «Risks and contraindications of medical compression treatment (Part 1) ». 

Dr. Tomasz Urbanek - professor of medical sciences, an academic teacher at the Medical University of Silesia in Katowice, and specialist in angiology, vascular surgery, and general surgery- resumes «Risks and contraindications of medical compression treatment (Part 2) ». 

Finally, the webinar ends with Dr. Tobias Hirsch - Dept. of Hand- Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Burn Trauma Center BG Trauma Center Ludwigshafen, University of Ludwigshafen- finalizes it with «Risks and contraindications – Borderline indications. » 

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Indications in chronic venous diseases (general methodology)

Emeritus Président of the International Society of Phlebology; Dermatologist, University Hospital Bonn; Editor-in-chief of the medical journal vasomed

Eberhard Rabe

Prof. Eberhard Rabe, DE



Risks and contraindications (Part 1)

MBBS, FRCS, MS, PhD UK; Honorary Consultant Vascular Surgeon & Senior Lecturer; Visiting Professor Loyola University Chicago.

Dr. Chris Lattimer, UK



Risks and contraindications (Part 2)

PhD, Poland; Specialist in vascular surgery and angiology

Dr. Tomasz Urbanek, Poland



Risks and contraindications – Borderline indications

Specialist for Internal Medicine and Angiology; Board Member of Professional Association of Phlebologists (BdP)

Dr. Tobias Hirsch, Germany

Panel experts


Sylvain Gaillard, Switzerland

Sylvain Gaillard, Switzerland

Dr. Sergio Gianesini, Italy

Dr. Sergio Gianesini, Italy

Dr. Fedor Lurie, USA

Dr. Fedor Lurie, USA

Dr. Giovanni Mosti, Italy

Dr. Giovanni Mosti, Italy

Dr. Hugo Partsch, Austria

Dr. Hugo Partsch, Austria

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