Lipoedema diagnosis and treatment

Lipedema most often involves the buttocks, thighs, and calves. The upper arms can also be affected.  

Being relatively rare and often misdiagnosed, lipedema is an uncommon disorder characterized by localized deposition of adipose tissue in the lower extremities, often occurring in females with a family history of the condition. 

The adiposity extends from hips to ankles and is typically unresponsive to weight loss. In addition to the aesthetic deformity, women complain of pain in the lower extremities, especially with pressure and easy bruising.  On physical examination, the fatty hypertrophy seen in patients with lipedema is soft and doughy in consistency. However, some areas of the fat may be firmer in patients with long-standing lipedema. 

In the 4th webinar global event, MOH is approaching lipedema by defining the disease and shedding light on conservative treatment options through compressive garments. 

Dr. Stanley Rockson – Professor of Lymphatics Research and Medicine, University Medical Line – discusses how lipedema is now considered a lymphatic disease. The webinar ends with Susan Butcher proposing garment choices for lipedema. 

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  • Dr. Stanley Rockson, USA
  • Dr. Tobias Bertsch, Germany
  • Susan Butcher, Australia


  • Dr. Omar Alfarouk, Egypt
  • Dr. Pinar Borman, Turkey
  • Dr. Andrzej Szuba, Poland


  • Dr. Sergio Gianesini, Italy
  • Sylvain Gaillard, Switzerland


Now we know: Lipedema IS a Lymphatics Disease

Professor of Lymphatic Research and Medicine, Chief of Consultative Cardiology at Stanford University School of Medicine

Dr. Stanley Rockson, USA

International Consensus on Lipoedema - why we needed this Paradigma shift.

MD, PhD; Senior Consultant for Internal Medicine at the Foeldi Clinic in Germany, European Centre of Lymphology and founder of the European Lipoedema Forum, an international network of renowned health care professionals from 14 European countries as well as from well-known experts from the US and Australia

Prof. Tobias Bertsch, Germany

Garment Choices for Lipoedema

Clinical manager and practicing lymphedema therapist at the Oedema institute by SIGVARIS GROUP

Susan Butcher, Australia