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Here you can find all the events we have successfully organized in the last months. Watch the complete sessions on Youtube, read the summaries of the events or the individual presentations of the top-class and valued Key Opinion Leaders.

Lipoedema pathophysiology and potential new therapeutic pathways

Global experts will share latest insights in the lipoedema pathophysiology and potential new therapeutic pathways. They will bring personal experiences, give guidance in choosing the right type of compression therapy, and answer all questions you might have related to this topic.

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The Effects of Travel on the Venous and Lymphatic System

Traveling is a challenge in today's environment. Having increased risk factors for developing a blood clot or daily managing lymphedema can increase the concerns for air travel or long car rides. What does the data show and what do the experts recommend? Watch the recording for a discussion of these important topics with national experts who will review the data and best practices for safe and enjoyable travel.

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Scientific preview of the UIP Istanbul
The UIP 2022 is just around the corner, but we at the MOH are already getting started. We are happy to host a web seminar in the run-up to this year's UIP 2022 and to host it on the MOH. Workshop presenters at the UIP will promote their content already in this web seminar and invite for discussions.
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CVI, DVT and Nausea in pregnancy: What to expect and How to deal with it
Global female experts will share insights about chronic venous insufficiency in pregnancy and a randomized crossover trila on the effect of compression stockings on nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy.
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Chronic Venous Obstruction – state of the art diagnostic and treatment from the view of global experts
Global experts will share insights about the art of diagnostic and treatment of chronic venous obstructions, their personal experiences in the treatment of ulcera and last but not least give guidance in the choosing of the right compression technology
Lipoedema diagnosis and treatment
The KOLs are approaching lipedema in this web seminar by defining the disease and shedding light on conservative treatment options through compressive garments
Lymphatic pathologies and therapeutic strategies
In this web seminar the speakers are exploring various insights concerning lymphatic pathologies and their treatment.
Int. consensus on indications and contraindications of compression
Chronic venous disease is a medical condition that tends to worsen with age. It is made up of a variety of signs and symptoms that impact patients’ quality of life. This web seminar discusses the role of medical compression stockings in treating chronic venous disease.
Covid-19 and thrombosis
A first of its kind experience to stay updated with the vascular health challenges of Covid-19 in the world of today.